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    Today I had my Speaking Test at Hyderabad, India on 11th Oct’17. The examiner was very polite and helpful. She made the candidates comfortable and ensured we are relaxed during the test. Here are the questions:
    Part 1 :
    What is your name and are you born and brought up in the existing place?
    Do you study or work?
    What is your job and how long have you been doing?
    What do you like most about your job?
    Do you think you will continue with the same job in future?
    Part 2: Jewellery and Food
    What kind of jewellery do you like and why?
    How often do you wear jewellery?
    Why do think some people own a lot of jewellery?
    Did you ever gift a jewellery to someone and what was it?
    Why do people spend lot of money on food?
    Is it good or bad?
    Do people believe in sharing? If no, why?
    Part 3:
    How would you like to travel? Bus or Underground train if it is a big city? Why
    What should government do to improve bus facility/service?
    Why do you think people prefer travelling through bus?
    Did you ever prepared a cake?
    Cue Card:
    Describe an occasion when you ate a cake
    . What was the occasion?
    . Who presented it?
    . Who were you with ?
    I gave my best and hope to get good scores. I have my LWR test on 14th Oct’17. Looking forward to complete it ASAP and relax for a while. Wish me good luck

     april april 

    was it academic or general, and what were the topics for reading and writing part? if you could answe, thank you

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